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Things we're good at. And how this might help you.

We're in a great industry. We entertain people. We offer something for everyone. And making games is fun. But creating a great game, or developing something that makes a lot of games great, is a big job. You've got a special talent. You work long hours. You know a lot about games.

Nordasia Partners - What We Do

But you're also in business. And our industry has really changed. You need to connect with people. You need to get the word out. And you need to make money. So you've got a lot of decisions to make. We can help.


You know who you need to reach. And you want to engage with them. Get their feedback. Earn their loyalty and trust. We can help you to make the right choices. Take a peek at a few of our recent projects: a corporate website for our good friends at KISS in the UK. And an Asian games industry news portal we developed (though now quite changed, sadly) for IB Media/Gamemium in Singapore. And the new Nordic Game community, conference and funding websites. Not to mention the Nordic Game Universe indie game showcase website and ProsocialLearn website for EU project consortium partner Redikod AB. Let's talk!


You've got a great game. Working with our partners at KISS, we've got the online sales channels. Fifty plus and counting, including Steam, Amazon, GOG, Wild Tangent, Gamestop (Impulse), EA/Origin, GamersGate, Gamefly, Yuplay, Green Man Gaming, Metaboli and Get Games Go. And you keep the IP. And get the bulk of the revenues. Check out one of our recent releases in partnership with KISS - Foresight RTS from Singapore's Strides Interactive on Steam here - and let's talk!

Biz dev

You might be in Europe, looking to break into Asian markets. Or vice versa. Maybe your game business has gone global, but you haven't unlocked its full potential. In any case, you're open to new ideas and prepared for the long haul. Let's talk!

Who We Are

Nordasia Partners - Who We Are!

Hi, I'm Tom. I started Nordasia Partners in 2011. We work exclusively with games. Our industry network is worldwide. If you're in the business of games, we can help you.

Let's Talk!

Hey there! You might already have a game or project in mind. Or need help connecting with someone in the industry. Maybe some advice.

Just like to catch up? Cool.

You can ping us at . Or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.