Who We Are

A bit about me. And us.

Hi, I'm Tom Felices. I started Nordasia Partners in 2011, after several years in Tokyo. Promoting Nordic devs and games in Asia. Shout out below to some good friends. And thanks Frank West (and Capcom) for standing in for me. You're a swell alter ego.

Nordasia Partners - Who We Are

So maybe we've met. At Nordic Game or another show on the circuit. I started the conference in Sweden with my friend Erik back in 2005. Jacob joined us shortly thereafter. Together with the Nordic trade associations and some very supportive sponsors, we also organised booths, tours and networking events in places like LA, Cologne, Paris, Singapore and Tokyo. Good times.

We might have hooked up earlier, when we were making games as Pushplay. Hello Ubisoft, Sega and Koei. We miss you, RenderWare.

Going further back, to Copenhagen. Working with some great ADs, copywriters, web designers and PMs to create some pretty happening online campaigns. Many thanks, Carsten & Bengt. Remember H2O, GE Capital and Ferrero?

Roll back the clock some more and we're in the '90s art scene. Designing exhibitions and working with artists from all over. Next time you're in San Francisco, pop in to Yerba Buena and check out the latest show. The old stomping grounds.

25 years are a lot to cover in a few short paragraphs. So take a look at what we have to offer. If you like what you see, let's talk!

What We Do

  • Connect you, 24/7
  • Sell your games
  • Find the money

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